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Coin Master Free Spins Coins – Links, News, Tips Updates

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Mini-Platform Plug’n’Play Console System

This system is designed to play virtually any Plug’n’play game system and systems with small boards, eg GameBoy Advance.

The d-pad is a good size, so easy to use, buttons are in just the right places for comfort, the screen is a good size at 5.4″ to prevent eyestrain, the system is a good thickness to hold comfortably and there is plenty of battery life; about 4.5 hours with regular Plug’n’play systems, about 2.5 hours with GameBoy Advance (the TV out card in the system takes a fair bit of juice). When drained, the batteries can be easily removed from the system and recharged.

Weight of system – about 700g – 750g complete with system, batteries and game system; so quite light.

I decided to repaint the system (in pic below) to have more texture, looks really nice – please see below with the GameBoy Advance video…


Multi-Platform Console System

The Multi-Platform System is designed to work with games consoles which have larger motherboards and need controllers and memory cards to integrate. The system is designed to control and utilise the N64 (done), SNES (working fully, needs case finished), MegaDrive, Amstrad GX4000, NES, Playstation, GameCube, Jaguar.

I will at some point re-paint it to be in keeping with my Mini system project.